Western Red Cedar Bunch

Western Red Cedar Bunch

SKU: TEU01-0000112


Brighton | 63
Chelmsford | 14
Concord | 16
Falmouth | 52
Osterville | 11
Tewksbury | 1
Winchester | 11
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Introducing our Western Red Cedar Bunch, the perfect choice for adding affordable elegance to your holiday decor. Known for its long, flat, and rich dark green boughs, this cedar bunch brings a touch of natural beauty to your seasonal arrangements.

Ideal for holiday decor, the Western Red Cedar offers an economical yet stylish option for creating festive displays. The abundant foliage of this cedar bunch provides a lush and vibrant greenery that enhances the charm of wreaths, swags, and other decorative elements.

Whether you're crafting your own holiday creations or looking for an easy way to elevate your seasonal displays, the Western Red Cedar Bunch is a versatile and budget-friendly choice. Embrace the spirit of the season with the classic appeal of this evergreen, bringing a touch of the outdoors into your festive home.

Elevate your holiday decor effortlessly with the economical and beautiful Western Red Cedar Bunch, a natural addition to your festive celebrations.

Size: Standard bunch size

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