Lucerne Farms – Mainley Mulch – 2.4 CU FT

Lucerne Farms – Mainley Mulch – 2.4 CU FT

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Mainely Mulch is a bagged straw mulch grown in Northern Maine and offers a special blend of chopped straw, timothy, and alfalfa hay perfect for your lawn and garden. This blend is heat treated to help minimize germination, 100% natural and Mother Earth friendly. It does more than just cover your ground like other shredded straw mulch.

Enriching the soil, adding valuable nutrients and encouraging beneficial earthworms, make Mainely Mulch a great addition to your garden. Straw and hay ground cover products are both lightweight and easy to apply. You can use this ground cover to protect newly sown grass seed from birds and the threat of being washed away or drying out. You'll also find it helps conserve moisture and prevent weeds from springing up in your garden. Try it in your yard today!

2.4 cubic feet size bag. Available for in store pickup or delivery.

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