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Rooted Goods – Natural Hemlock Bark Mulch – 2 CU FT


Chelmsford | 76
Concord | 108
Falmouth | 581
Osterville | 38
Tewksbury | 126
Winchester | 910
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Elevate your garden's well-being with Rooted Goods – Natural Hemlock Bark Mulch, expertly crafted to provide exceptional plant protection, moisture retention, and weed prevention.

Ideal for: Perfect for safeguarding your plants, maintaining moisture levels, and suppressing weeds, our mulch offers versatile benefits for a thriving garden.

How to use:
1. Begin by clearing the area of all weeds and debris before applying the Hemlock Bark Mulch.
2. Apply a generous layer of 2-3 inches of Hemlock Bark Mulch for optimal weed suppression and moisture retention.
3. Ensure even distribution while leaving space between the mulch and plant stems or trunks to prevent moisture-related issues.

Ingredients: Our mulch is crafted from 100% Natural Hemlock Bark, renowned for its durability and effectiveness in providing a protective layer for your garden.

*No added dyes: Rest assured, our Hemlock Bark Mulch contains no added dyes, offering a natural and environmentally friendly solution for your landscaping needs.

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Rooted Goods – Natural Hemlock Bark Mulch replaces Mahoney's Premium Hemlock Mulch

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