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Rooted Goods – Ocean Enriched Compost – 1 CU FT


Chelmsford | 105
Concord | 75
Falmouth | 331
Osterville | 165
Tewksbury | 79
Winchester | 442
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Transform your garden into a thriving oasis with Rooted Goods – Ocean Enriched Compost, meticulously crafted to invigorate soil health and foster lush plant growth. Enhanced with nutrient-rich crustacean meal, this blend revitalizes both new and existing plantings, ensuring they reach their full potential.

Water Saving Ingredients: Composted Bark and Peat Moss optimize water retention and nurture your plants by significantly reducing evaporation and promoting a stable and consistent environment for your plant's roots.

Natural Ingredients: Ocean Compost is rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium as well as other trace elements which are essential to plant growth, development, and health.

Beneficial Ingredient: Crustacean Meal is a plant Superfood! It provides slow-release nutrients to nourish your soil and contains Chitin, a natural element found in the outer shell of crustaceans to help control pest and diseases naturally.

Revitalize your garden with Rooted Goods – Ocean Enriched Compost – the key to a vibrant and flourishing garden ecosystem.

Great For: Roses, Edible Gardens, Flower Beds, Soil Conditioner

Ingredients: Composted Bark, Peat Moss, Leaf Compost, Composted Cow Manure, Crustacean Meal

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Rooted Goods – Ocean Enriched Compost compares to Coast of Maine – Lobster Compost

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