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Mahoney's Potting Mix is 100% all-natural, made with the highest quality ingredients. Formulated by our professional growers, our soil-less potting mix contains a horticultural grade peat moss base, perlite, vermiculite and composted pine bark. We then add small amounts of starter nutrients, lime for pH balance, wetting agent and washed sand. This mix provides excellent water and nutrient retention, as well as proper drainage and aeration.

Indoors this potting mix is perfect for re-potting almost any tropical houseplant. Seed starting, cuttings and most every greenhouse application. Outdoors Mahoney's potting mix is the ideal mix for annuals, perennials, container herbs and vegetables, hanging plants as well as for plants in window boxes and flower beds.

35% Peat Moss
55% Composted Bark
10% Perlite
Wetting Agent
Pro Lime
Organic with an Organic Wetting Agent

Comes in a 16 qt bag and is available for in store pickup or delivery.

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