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Rooted Goods – All-Purpose Potting Mix – 16 QT


Brighton | 226
Chelmsford | 286
Concord | 164
Falmouth | 388
Osterville | 74
Tewksbury | 249
Winchester | 400
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Elevate your container gardening experience with Rooted Goods – All-Purpose Potting Mix. Meticulously crafted to provide the perfect balance for enhancing water and nutrient retention, while ensuring optimal drainage and aeration.

Water Saving Ingredients: Composted Bark optimizes water retention and nurtures your plants by significantly reducing evaporation and promoting a stable and consistent environment for your plant's roots.

Natural Ingredients: Perlite is a natural volcanic rock that when aded to our soil mix achieves optimal soil aeration and improved water flow for thriving plant roots.

Beneficial Ingredient: Our Peat Moss creates an ideal growth medium, free from harmful microorganisms, pathogens and weed seeds. Perfect for nurturing young plant roots.

Experience the difference with Rooted Goods – All-Purpose Potting Mix – the ultimate solution for thriving container gardens and vibrant indoor and outdoor plant displays.

Great For: Indoor and Outdoor Containers, Window Boxes, Houseplants, Edible Gardens

Ingredients: Professional Grade Peat Moss, Composted Bark, Perlite

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Rooted Goods – All-Purpose Potting Mix replaces Mahoney's Professional Potting Mix