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Ferry Morse Seed Starting Tray with Dome – 72 Cells

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Transform your seed starting experience with the Ferry Morse Seed Starting Tray with Dome – 72 Cells, featuring revolutionary hexagon cells that pave the way for a stronger and more robust root system. Unlike traditional round cells, these hex cells guide the roots to shoot straight down, minimizing transplant shock and eliminating the circular root pattern that can stunt seedling development.

Key Features:

– Hexagon Cell Design: The innovative hexagon cell design of this seed starting tray revolutionizes root development. When a seedling's roots encounter the hex cell walls, they shoot straight down to the bottom, fostering a more efficient and robust root system.

– Minimizes Transplant Shock: Say goodbye to transplant shock for your seedlings. The hexagon cells guide the roots to grow vertically, reducing the stress and shock associated with transplanting.

– Professional-Grade Results: Experience the same seed starting technology used by professionals. The Ferry Morse Seed Starting Tray is designed to provide optimal conditions for seed germination and early seedling development.

– Compatible with Seed Starting Mix: Achieve superior results by using the Seed Starting Mix. Create the perfect environment for your seeds to sprout and thrive.

Note: *Seeds not included

Transform your gardening success with the Ferry Morse Seed Starting Tray with Dome – 72 Cells. Start from seed and save, ensuring the health and vitality of your plants from the very beginning. Order now and embark on a journey of successful seed starting with professional-grade technology!