Rabbit Scram – 2.5lb

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America's Finest Rabbit Scram is a granular, organic, biodegradable, environmentally safe repellent.  Guaranteed to keep rabbits away from prized gardens, while not being offensive to humans. Developed as a highly effective response to heavy damage by foraging/munching rabbits. Now widely used across North America. Will not harm animals, the environment and, most importantly, you.

Blended from selected organic components. Rabbit Scram used as a direct barrier repellent and is not water-soluble. Will keep rabbits off plantings because it convinces rabbits that harm is nearby through their uncanny sense of smell. Changes rabbit behavior. Lasts longer than competing sprays, protects new growth that sprays cannot. Less expensive to use because it is applied around plants rather than on the leaves of each plant. 2.5lb shaker container covers 1,350 square feet.

Apply any time of year! Apply every 30-45 days, as a protective perimeter strip or evenly spread over garden bed or flowerbed. Shields flowers, shrubs, trees, ornamentals, vegetable gardens, forests, vineyards, orchards, field crops and nursery stock when used as directed. America's Finest Rabbit Scram will keep rabbits away for good but will not harm the rabbits.