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Fatwood Firestarter – Box 5lbs

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Introducing BetterWood's Fatwood Firestarter in a convenient 5lb Box – your key to faster, cleaner, and eco-friendly fire ignition. Crafted from the stumps of pine trees with a high natural resin concentration, our Fatwood is 100% natural, user-friendly, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Premium Pine Wood:
Harvested from pine tree stumps, Fatwood ensures a high concentration of natural resin for quick and efficient fire starting.

100% All-Natural:
BetterWood's Fatwood is free from chemicals and additives, providing a safe, clean, and non-toxic fire-starting solution.

User-Friendly and Safe:
Designed for hassle-free use, our firestarter is user-friendly, safe, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

SCS Green Cross Certified:
Certified by SCS Green Cross, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every Fatwood box.

Versatile Applications:
Ideal for barbecues, campfires, wood stoves, fire pits, pellet stoves, chimneys, coal stoves, and fireplaces.

BetterWood's Promise:

Efficient Fire Starting: Experience crackling campfires in no time with just 2 sticks of Fatwood.

Sustainable Sourcing: Fatwood is made from non-rainforested logging remnants in Central America, ensuring sustainability and environmental responsibility.

All-Natural Wood: No kerosene, sawdust, or additives – just pure, natural pine stumpwood for a safe and consistent burn.

Waterproof: Fatwood is perfect for all weather conditions, as its natural pine resin repels water, ensuring reliable ignition even in damp conditions.

For every tree used in our products, BetterWood pledges to plant three seedlings in an ESNACIFOR-managed forest, contributing to the preservation of America's natural treasures.

Product Details:
– Size: 5lbs of sticks
– Box Material: Cardboard

Choose BetterWood's Fatwood Firestarter for a premium, eco-friendly, and efficient fire ignition solution. Join us in protecting America's natural treasures for generations to come.