Silver Fir Bunch

Silver Fir Bunch

SKU: TEU01-0000107


Brighton | 104
Concord | 6
Falmouth | 18
Osterville | 3
Winchester | 214
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Introducing our Silver Fir Bunch, a distinguished choice for elevating your holiday decor with a touch of elegance. Boasting a similar shape to the beloved Noble Fir, this exceptional bunch stands out with its darker and wider needles, adding a unique and sophisticated dimension to your festive arrangements.

What sets the Silver Fir apart is the distinct silvery cast on the underside of its needles. This creates a captivating interplay of color and texture. Crafted with care and sourced for its exceptional quality, this bunch is designed to enhance your seasonal creations.

Whether you're adorning wreaths, creating centerpieces, or embellishing garlands, the Silver Fir Bunch brings a refined aesthetic to your holiday decorations. Embrace the season with the timeless appeal of this exquisite evergreen, as it effortlessly complements your festive vision.

Choose the Silver Fir Bunch for its remarkable needle characteristics and distinctive silver undertones. It's a standout choice for those who appreciate the finer details of holiday decor.

Size: Standard bunch size

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