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Jiffy Seed Starting Windowsill Greenhouse – 12 Peat Pellets

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Experience the simplicity of seed starting with the Jiffy Seed Starting Windowsill Greenhouse – 12 Peat Pellets, a convenient solution for germinating seeds and nurturing plant growth. This windowsill greenhouse kit is designed to make seed starting easier and more accessible than ever before.

Key Features:

– Expandable Biodegradable Peat Pellets: The kit includes twelve (12) 36mm Jiffy peat pellets, 100% biodegradable and engineered to expand up to 7 times their compressed height when moistened. This ensures ample room for robust root development, setting the stage for healthy and vibrant plants.

– Windowsill Convenience: Perfectly sized for your windowsill, this greenhouse kit allows you to start your seeds with ease and convenience. Bring the joy of gardening indoors and watch your seeds transform into thriving plants.

– Watertight Base Tray and Humidity Dome: The kit features a watertight base tray and a clear humidity dome, creating an environment that locks in moisture and promotes optimal conditions for seed germination. Ensure the success of your seedlings with a greenhouse designed for efficiency.

– Simple Instructions: Included with the product are easy-to-follow instructions for use. Just add warm water and let your peat pellets absorb and expand, simplifying the seed starting process.

Product Specifications:

– Greenhouse Dimensions: 11″ x 5″ x 3″
– Product Weight: 0.25 lbs

Transform your windowsill into a thriving garden with the Jiffy Seed Starting Windowsill Greenhouse – 12 Peat Pellets. Order now and enjoy the convenience of efficient seed starting. Elevate your gardening success and watch your indoor garden come to life!