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Campsis Radicans – #2 Container

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Introducing Campsis – Radicans, a stunning and vigorous vine that can reach impressive heights within a single year. This remarkable plant boasts vibrant scarlet trumpet-shaped flowers with eye-catching orange overtones and yellow throats, creating a spectacular display from early summer to early fall.

Trumpetvine's showy blooms are not only visually striking but also attract hummingbirds with their irresistible charm, making it a delightful addition to any garden. Thriving even in poor soils, this vine is as resilient as it is beautiful. Its dark green deciduous foliage provides an attractive backdrop to the fiery blossoms, and as autumn approaches, the large serrated leaves turn a brilliant yellow, adding to the plant's visual appeal. Whether climbing trellises, adorning fences, or cascading from arbors, Trumpetvine is sure to add a touch of natural splendor to any outdoor space with its vibrant blooms and vigorous growth.

What is the Garden Drop Program?

Transform the garden into a breathtaking oasis with the hassle-free Garden Drop Program! Experience the convenience of having vibrant plants delivered individually straight from the farm to your doorstep. Perfect for gifting to loved ones or treating yourself. Order now for an unforgettable garden transformation. Say farewell to the limitations of local availability. Available for delivery across Massachusetts.

Each plant comes in a #2 (2 gallon) growers pot. They will ship individually, directly from our grower to your home garden.


Plant Specs:

Other Names: Trumpetvine
Color: scarlet, orange
Light: full sun – part shade
Watering: average
Soil: poor soil
Zone: 4 – 9

Plant Shape: twining and trailing
Mature Size: height (40'), Spread (24″)
Blooming Season: early summer

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