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Rooted Goods – Restorative Bark Mulch Blend – 1.5 CU FT


Chelmsford | 220
Concord | 56
Falmouth | 418
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Elevate your gardening experience with Rooted Goods – Restorative Bark Mulch Blend. Curated for its exceptional performance in moisture retention, weed prevention, soil conditioning, and enhancing flower beds.

Ideal for: Perfect for maintaining moisture levels, suppressing weeds, conditioning soil, and beautifying flower beds, our blend offers versatile benefits for all your gardening endeavors.

How to use:
1. Prepare the area by removing all weeds and debris before applying the Bark Mulch Blend.
2. Apply a generous layer of 2-3 inches of Bark Mulch Blend for optimal weed suppression and moisture retention.
3. Ensure even distribution while leaving space between the mulch and plant stems or trunks to prevent moisture accumulation.

Ingredients: Our blend features high-quality, 9-12 month Aged Softwood Bark and Cow Manure, ensuring a nutrient-rich and long-lasting mulching solution for your garden.

*No added dyes: Rest assured, our Bark Mulch Blend contains no added dyes, providing a natural and environmentally friendly solution for your landscaping needs.

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Rooted Goods – Restorative Bark Mulch Blend compares to Coast of Maine – Dark Harbor Blend Organic Enriching Mulch

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