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Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse Kit – 50 Peat Cells

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Elevate your seed starting experience with the Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse Kit – 50 Peat Cells, a comprehensive solution for successful gardening. This Jiffy Greenhouse is equipped with peat strips containing a total of 50 cells, thus ensuring you have ample space for sowing seeds and cultivating a thriving garden. The kit includes a watertight base tray and a clear humidity dome, creating the perfect environment for locking in essential moisture.

Key Features:

– Ample Sowing Space: The peat strips in this greenhouse kit offer 50 cells for sowing seeds, providing you with abundant space to kickstart your gardening journey. When ready, easily tear apart the moistened peat strips for convenient and individual seedling transplantation.

– Complete Kit Inclusions: The kit includes one watertight base tray, one clear humidity dome, and celled peat strips (50 total) for easy transplanting. Everything you need for a seamless seed starting process is at your fingertips.

– Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Additionally, the kit comes with straightforward instructions on how to use it effectively. Prepare the peat strips with your chosen sowing medium (not included), then add seeds according to your seed packet instructions, and witness successful germination with the included clear humidity dome.

– Bonus Plant Vitamin: As an added bonus, this greenhouse kit includes a sample of the plant vitamin SUPERthrive.  SUPERthrive helps to enhance the health, as well as the vitality of your growing plants.

How to Use:

1. Prepare Strips: Fill peat pots in the base tray with your sowing medium (not included). Then water thoroughly – enough to saturate walls of strips.
2. Add Seeds: Seeds are not included. Sow your seeds according to the instructions on your seed packet. Then place humidity dome on top.
3. Germination: Once seeds have germinated, prop dome lid open. When seedlings grow true leaves remove lid completely and place in a sunny location.

Product Specifications:
– Product Weight: 1 lb
– Package Dimensions: 21″ x 11″ x 2.5″

Transform your gardening experience with the Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse Kit – 50 Peat Cells. Order now and enjoy the convenience of a complete and effective solution for successful seed starting. Your vibrant garden awaits!