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Sod – Bluegrass Tradition – DIRECT SHIP

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Elevate your outdoor space with SODCO's premium Kentucky bluegrass sod, renowned as the quintessential grass of New England. Specially cultivated for sports fields and golf courses, this resilient turf excels in high-traffic areas, boasting a luxuriously soft texture and rapid recovery capabilities.

Unlock the advantages of Kentucky Bluegrass sod:

– Vibrant color and lush density
– Flourishes in full sun exposure
– Exceptional spreading ability for seamless coverage
– Rapid recovery from damage, ensuring enduring beauty
– Superior cold tolerance and winter survival
– High resistance to diseases and wear-and-tear

Plant Characteristics:

Kentucky bluegrass, a perennial sod-forming grass, features slender, dark-green leaves measuring 2 to 7 inches in length. Stems can reach heights of 1 to 2 feet when left uncut, with pyramid-shaped panicles extending 2 to 8 inches. This grass reproduces via rhizomes and seeds, continuously filling spaces with new tillers. Ideal for pastures, it exhibits early spring growth and thrives under close grazing conditions, though it may become dormant in midsummer when temperatures rise. Adapted to the northern half of the United States, Kentucky bluegrass favors cool, humid climates and fertile soils with pH levels above 6. It typically requires two to three years to establish a robust sod from seeding, making it a popular choice for both professional turf applications and residential lawns across America.

*Sod is a perishable item and cannot be returned if you don't use it. Due to its perishable nature, it must be laid out the day it's delivered.*

Want to learn more about sod and our Sod Direct Ship program? We're here to help! Visit the Sod section of our Help Center/FAQ's.