Espoma Organic Seed Starter – 8QT

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Elevate your seed starting success with Espoma's Organic Seed Starter 8QT, an all-natural mix designed to nurture all seedlings and cuttings. Crafted with care, this seed starting mix promotes robust root growth and enhances moisture retention, providing the perfect foundation for your seeds to thrive.

Key Features:

– All-Natural Excellence: Espoma's Organic Seed Starter is made from all-natural ingredients, ensuring a safe and wholesome environment for your seedlings and cuttings. Embrace organic gardening practices from the very beginning of your plant's life.

– Root Growth Promotion: This seed starting mix is formulated to promote healthy root growth, laying the groundwork for strong and vigorous plants. Watch your seedlings develop robust root systems that contribute to their overall vitality.

– Moisture Retention Improvement: Enjoy improved moisture retention capabilities with Espoma's Organic Seed Starter. This feature ensures a consistent and optimal moisture level, crucial for successful seed germination and early plant development.

Transform your seed starting experience with Espoma's Organic Seed Starter 8QT. Order now and provide your seedlings and cuttings with the organic foundation they need for successful growth. Elevate your gardening journey with Espoma's trusted and natural solutions!

Instructions for Use:

Starting from Seeds:
1. Fill a shallow container with Espoma Organic Seed Starter. Consider using peat pots or special seed starting trays with drainage holes for easy transplanting.
2. Wet seeds and allow them to drain.
3. Plant seeds according to package directions.
4. Place the container in a warm, bright location (avoiding direct sunlight).
5. Keep the mix moist by misting with a spray bottle.
6. When the plant develops its first true leaves, transplant it into a larger container or outdoors in a prepared bed.

Note: Dig seedling out of its mix and extend the handle with care to avoid damaging the fragile stem and root system.

Starting from Cuttings:
1. Add seed starter to a clean container and wet the mix.
2. Make a hole with a pencil, gently insert the cutting, and pat the soil to close the hole.
3. Keep the soil moist until roots are developed, and the plant can be transplanted.