Espoma African Violet Mix – 4QT

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Brighton | 20
Chelmsford | 32
Concord | 41
Falmouth | 82
Osterville | 17
Tewksbury | 52
Winchester | 167
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Elevate the care of your cherished African Violets with Espoma African Violet Mix – 4 QT, a premium, all-natural soil blend crafted specifically for these delicate houseplants. Experience the joy of nurturing vibrant, healthy blooms with a soil mix that caters to the unique needs of African Violets.

Key Features:

1. Tailored for African Violets: Specially formulated for African Violets and other houseplants, this premium soil mix provides the perfect environment for their well-being.

2. Improved Aeration and Moisture Retention: Enhance aeration and moisture retention in your plant's root zone. Our mix ensures the right balance, promoting optimal conditions for African Violets to thrive.

3. Promotes Root Growth: Give your plants the foundation they need for robust root development. Espoma African Violet Mix is designed to encourage healthy root growth, leading to overall plant vitality.


  • Regionally formulated with 35-45% sphagnum peat moss
  • Materials derived from aged forest products, humus, and/or composted rice hulls
  • Perlite for enhanced aeration
  • Limestone to adjust pH
  • Yucca extract for added benefits
  • In New Hampshire: This product in New Hampshire contains sphagnum peat moss, aged forest products, humus, perlite, limestone to adjust pH, and yucca extract.

    Nurture your African Violets with the care they deserve using Espoma African Violet Mix. Order now to provide the ideal growing conditions for these delicate houseplants and witness the beauty of thriving, flourishing blooms in your home!