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Pak Choi – Joy Choi – 4″ Pot

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Brighton | 45
Chelmsford | 21
Concord | 24
Falmouth | 15
Tewksbury | 30
Winchester | 33
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Grown in our Woburn Greenhouses, Uncle Mike's Pak Choi Joy Choi has white stems and broad leaves and is slow to bolt, easy to grow. This graceful vegetable with Chinese origins has spread throughout Asia and beyond. Pak Choi features dark green leaves atop white spoon-shaped upright stems. Stems vary considerably in thickness and shape. The slight mustardy flavor of Pak Choi makes it a delightful addition to stir-fries, soups, noodle and meat dishes, and salads. High in calcium, Vitamin A, and C.

Maturity: 45 days

How to Grow:
Full sun spring and fall, part sun in summer.
Plant 12″ (30 cm) apart.