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Kale – Red Russian – 4″ Pot

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Experience the vibrant flavors of Uncle Mike's Red Russian Kale, nurtured in the heart of our Woburn Greenhouses. This tender and visually striking specialty thrives even in colder climates, showcasing its resilience to chilly weather conditions. With its peak tenderness and flavor emerging in cooler months and post-frost periods, Red Russian Kale requires minimal cooking time due to its delicate nature. Its thick, juicy texture adds a delightful chewiness to dishes, making it a perfect complement to grilled sausages, pork, or turkey.

Maturity: 25 days for baby greens; 50 days to reach maturity.

How to Grow:

  • Plant in full sun, spacing them 18″ (46 cm) apart for optimal growth.
  • Expect plants to grow between 12-24″ (30-61 cm) tall.
  • Ensure consistent watering, particularly during dry spells.