Strawberry Sundae
Strawberry Sundae


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Hydrangea Strawberry Sundae is a full sun to part shade shrub. Needs either full sun for 6+ hours or part sun for 4-6 hours and full shade for up to 4 hours. Flowers from Mid-Summer through Fall and grows to 48-60″ high and 36-48″ wide.

Strawberry Sundae is a new compact hydrangea. Flowers emerge creamy white in mid-summer, change to pink as night temperatures drop. Fantastic flower color lasts well into fall. With its compact habit, adds spectacular color and impressive flowers to small space gardens or containers. Also excellent for fresh cut and dried flower arrangements. Flower color varies based on climate and growing conditions.

Maintenance is easy, prune early Spring and average watering.

Soil with a pH below 6.0 (acidic soil) will produce blue hydrangea blooms and a pH above 6.0 will produce pink hydrangea flowers. Add garden lime to the soil to raise the pH level and produce pink hydrangea flowers. Add soil acidifier to encourage blue hydrangea bloom development.

Strawberry Sundae is available for both in store pickup or delivery.

Grab a bag of Compost Planting Mix or Bio-Tone Starter Plus to fertilize your soil during the initial planting.