GT Medium Duty Hose 5/8″ – 50 ft

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Meet your everyday watering needs with the GT Medium Duty Hose 5/8″ – 50 ft. Designed for all-season and all-weather use, this garden hose offers reliable performance and durability for a variety of watering tasks. With its medium-duty construction and convenient features, it's the perfect choice for maintaining your garden or yard.

Key Features:
– All Season, All Weather: This hose is designed to withstand varying weather conditions throughout the year, making it suitable for use in any season. Whether it's hot summer days or cold winter mornings, this hose delivers consistent performance.
– Medium-Duty Construction: With a 5/8″ inside diameter and strong 300+ PSI burst strength, this hose is ideal for everyday watering tasks. From watering plants to washing the car, it provides the right balance of flexibility and durability for common gardening and outdoor activities.
– Solid, Crush-Resistant Couplings: The hose features solid, crush-resistant full-flow couplings that ensure leak-proof connectivity. These couplings provide a secure and reliable connection to your water source, minimizing the risk of leaks or water wastage.
– Guard-N-Grip Connector: Equipped with a Guard-N-Grip connector, the hose resists kinking, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted water flow. This feature helps prevent obstructions and ensures hassle-free watering, even in tight spaces.

Upgrade your gardening equipment with the GT Medium Duty Hose 5/8″ – 50 ft and enjoy reliable performance for all your watering tasks. With its durable construction and convenient features, it's the perfect addition to any garden or outdoor space.


Product Specifications:

Diameter: 5/8 inch
Length: 50 feet
Color: Green
Material: Strong fiber outer sleeve
Flow Rate: Equivalent to a 5/8″ conventional hose
Connections Ergonomic, crush-resistant couplings
Drinking Water Safe: Yes
Brand: Green Thumb