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Grey & Yellow Hoodie – Puffin Drinkwear

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Introducing the Grey & Yellow Hoodie – Puffin Drinkwear – the coolest way to keep your drink chill and comfy! Just like your favorite 90s sweatshirt, The Hoodie brings back all those nostalgic vibes.

Ever notice how sometimes your drink seems a bit indoorsy too? Well, here is the solution! The Grey & Yellow Hoodie – Puffin Drinkwear is here to give your beverage the ultimate cozy experience.

This drinkwear is so comfy; the only thing it's missing is thumb holes. But hey, we get it – cans and bottles don't have thumbs! So, let your drink relax in style with the hoodie and keep those good times chill.

Product Specs:

Fits well: 12oz cans and 16oz tall cans