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Essential Plant Care Kit

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Nurture your houseplants with the Essential Plant Care Kit – the ultimate trio designed to cater to the needs of every houseplant parent. Packed with essential nutrients and protective elements, this kit ensures your beloved plants grow and thrive all year round. Elevate your plant care routine with a fresh and effective approach that transforms your indoor oasis.

What's Inside:

Grow Concentrate (8 fl oz / 236mL):

Packed with a potent blend of microbes, hormones, and enzymes, this concentrate stimulates robust growth in your houseplants. Add ¼ tsp per quart (32 fl oz) of water every time you water your plants to unleash their full potential.

Protect Spray (17 fl oz / 500mL):

The power of neem, combined with a special microbial blend, tackles even the trickiest plant issues. Shake well and mist your plant's leaves every two weeks or more often if there's an active concern, ensuring a protective shield against pests and diseases.

Enrich Powder (14 oz / 400g):

Crafted by earthworms, this powder is the perfect root builder and soil conditioner. Sprinkle onto the topsoil before every watering or incorporate it into the soil when repotting to provide a rich source of nourishment for your plants.


  • Grow Concentrate: Microbes, hormones, and enzymes.
  • Protect Spray: Neem combined with a special microbial blend.
  • Enrich Powder: Earthworm-crafted formula for root building and soil conditioning.
  • Order the Essential Plant Care Kit now and embark on a journey of lush, healthy, and vibrant houseplants!