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Enrich Powder – 14 oz

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Nurture the heart of your green sanctuary – the roots – with our Enrich Powder, a powerful blend designed to foster resilient and thriving houseplants. As the saying goes, strong roots lead to flourishing growth, and with our powder, you'll witness the transformation of your indoor garden into a vibrant oasis.

Enrich Powder is your secret weapon for cultivating robust and resilient roots in your houseplants. The carefully crafted blend of organic greenery, processed by Californian earthworms, works to enrich the soil, providing your plants with improved nutrition and resilience against abiotic stress.

Harnessing the power of nature, introduce 10 groups of beneficial fungi and 500 million microorganisms per teaspoon into the soil. These natural agents enhance nutrient absorption, creating a symbiotic relationship between your plants and their environment. The result is a thriving ecosystem within your soil, setting the stage for robust growth.

Rest assured that our products prioritize the well-being of your plants and the environment. Enrich Powder has undergone testing by animal toxicologists, ensuring its safety under normal circumstances and when used as directed.

How to Use:
For existing plants:

  • Sprinkle on soil before watering (2 tsp for 3-6” pots, 3 tsp for 7-10”, 4 tsp for 10”+).
  • Water with diluted Grow Concentrate.
  • When repotting:

  • Mix powder into new soil (3 tsp per quart of soil).
  • Position your plant and layer with soil.
  • Water with diluted Grow Concentrate.
  • Size: 14 oz (400g): Best for 12-20 plants.

    Elevate your indoor gardening experience with Enrich Powder – the key to nurturing thriving houseplants from the roots up. Order now and witness the resilience and vitality of your beloved green companions!

    Combine Enrich Powder with our Grow Concentrate and Protect Spray for a comprehensive plant care routine in three simple steps. Elevate your indoor gardening experience with the holistic benefits of these nurturing solutions.