EarthBox Original Replant Kit – Natural

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Brighton | 16
Concord | 9
Falmouth | 13
Winchester | 20
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Keep your EarthBox garden thriving with the EarthBox Original Replant Kit in Natural, a convenient refill package designed to support sustained plant growth without the need to change potting soil. Whether you're maintaining an existing EarthBox or rejuvenating your garden for the upcoming season, this replant kit provides all the essential components for optimal plant nutrition and health.

The EarthBox Replant Kit includes a 16 oz. bag of Natural fertilizer, enriched with essential nutrients to promote vigorous growth and abundant yields. Additionally, the kit contains a 16 oz. bag of natural dolomite with trace elements, which helps maintain proper pH levels in the soil, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake by your plants.

To preserve moisture and enhance plant growth, the kit also includes two fitted replacement mulch covers, which provide essential protection against evaporation and weed growth, creating an ideal growing environment for your plants.

With the EarthBox Original Replant Kit, you can replenish the vital nutrients in your EarthBox garden and continue to enjoy healthy and productive plants season after season. Whether you're a novice gardener or an experienced enthusiast, this refill kit offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for maintaining your garden's vitality.

Key Features:
– Replenishment kit for EarthBox gardens
– Includes Natural fertilizer and natural dolomite with trace elements
– Provides essential nutrients for sustained plant growth
– Two fitted replacement mulch covers preserve moisture and suppress weeds
– Convenient refill package for easy maintenance

Keep your EarthBox garden flourishing with the EarthBox Original Replant Kit in Natural. With its comprehensive components and convenient refill design, this kit ensures that your plants receive the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth and abundant harvests, season after season.