Vinyl Deep Plant Saucer 4″ – Clear

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Brighton | 9
Concord | 19
Falmouth | 114
Winchester | 71
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Introducing our Vinyl Deep Plant Saucer in a generous 4-inch diameter, designed to protect your surfaces while providing ample space for your plants to thrive. Crafted from heavy-gauge, clear vinyl, this saucer offers durability and clarity, seamlessly blending into any indoor or outdoor setting.

Equipped with an innovative airflow bottom design, our saucer prevents moisture and dirt buildup underneath, ensuring optimal plant health. The ribbed sidewall enhances rigidity and facilitates easy nesting for convenient storage when not in use.

Perfect for accommodating deep-rooted plants, our clear vinyl deep plant saucer offers reliable protection against water damage to floors and decks. Maintain a healthy environment for your plants while preserving your surfaces with our practical and durable Vinyl Deep Plant Saucer.

Product Specs
Size: 4″ Dia.
Color: Clear