Suet Plug – 5 Variety Pack

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Concord | 1
Falmouth | 7
Winchester | 8
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Ignite the excitement of wild birds with our Suet Plug 5 Variety Pack. Crafted with high-quality formulations, these tube-shaped plugs are irresistible to feathered friends. Specifically designed to fit into holes drilled in wooden Suet Plug Feeders, this 5-pack assortment ensures a delightful and nourishing feast for your backyard visitors. Each 11 oz. pack is a convenient and versatile choice for bird enthusiasts looking to provide an enticing treat. Watch as your bird-friendly space comes alive with activity, thanks to the irresistible allure of our Suet Plug 5 Variety Pack.

5 packs
Pack size: 11 oz.