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Sports Trivia Game

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Elevate the excitement in your sports knowledge showdown with the Sports Trivia Game! This awesome set brings the competition to a whole new level with 140 diverse sports-related trivia questions. Whether you're a sports buff or just love a good challenge, these cards are perfect for testing your athletic IQ.

Packaged in a cool and stylish box, the Sports Trivia Game is not only a brain-teasing delight but also a great addition to your display shelf. You can proudly showcase your sports prowess or easily stow it away for the next epic game night. It's an ideal stocking filler, making it a fantastic gift for the upcoming season or a lively addition to any festive gathering with friends and family. Get ready to tackle the trivia and score big on fun!

Product Specs:

100% recyclable packaging

5″ W x 3.5″ H x 2.1″ D