Reindeer Moss Preserved – Forest Green

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Elevate your floral arrangements with the enchanting beauty of Preserved Reindeer Moss in Forest Green. A top-selling moss for floral décor, it effortlessly adds natural accents and texture to any floral creation.

With its lush forest green hue, this reindeer moss creates a striking contrast and enhances the natural colors of your flowers, providing true definition and visual interest. Its fresh, soft, and spongy feel adds a tactile dimension to your arrangements, creating a sensory experience for both the eyes and the touch.

Simple and enjoyable to work with, this moss allows for endless creative possibilities. Whether you're crafting bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, or terrariums, its beauty remains vibrant and its color won't fade over time.

Available in a convenient size of 80.75 cu. in., you have an ample supply to fulfill all your floral design needs.

Key Features:
– Adds natural accents and texture to floral arrangements
– Lush forest green color enhances floral colors
– Fresh, soft, and spongy feel adds tactile dimension
– Simple and enjoyable to work with
– Color won't fade over time
– Size: 80.75 cu. in.
– Color: Forest Green

Experience the beauty and versatility of Preserved Reindeer Moss. Let your creativity flourish as you adorn your floral creations with this exquisite natural accent, adding depth and elegance to every arrangement.