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Inspired Klimt – The Kiss – Plus-Plus Tube Puzzle

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Indulge in the timeless allure of Gustav Klimt's masterpiece, “The Kiss,” with the Plus-Plus Tube Puzzle – Inspired Klimt. This puzzle pays homage to Klimt's devotion to his craft, capturing the essence of his unique style that blends inspiration seamlessly onto the canvas.

The set comprises 350 vibrant Plus-Plus pieces in a unique color palette inspired by “The Kiss.” Coral, Vanilla, Yellow, Lime, Cornflower, Lilac, Gold, Silver, and Black hues come together to allow you to recreate the intricate details and emotions of Klimt's iconic work. Packaged in a reusable, display-quality tube within a recyclable gift box, this puzzle is a work of art in itself.

Uncover the story behind the artist with the included educational and inspirational flyer. Delve into Klimt's life, artistic style, and notable works, gaining a deeper appreciation for his contributions to the art world.

Designed and made in Denmark, Plus-Plus maintains a commitment to quality and sustainability. Crafted with 100% wind energy, the pieces are BPA-free and phthalate-free, ensuring a safe and eco-conscious play experience. Each piece measures .75″ x .5″ (20mm x 12mm), providing the perfect canvas for intricate designs.

Suitable for ages 7 and up, the Inspired Klimt Tube Puzzle encourages open-ended play and creativity. Order now to bring “The Kiss” to life and embark on a journey through Klimt's artistic legacy.

For a step-by-step guide inspired by “The Kiss,” visit: Link to Guide 1 and Link to Guide 2


  • A reusable, display-quality tube inside a recyclable gift box package
  • An educational and inspirational flyer
  • 350 pieces in a unique color palette (Coral, Vanilla, Yellow, Lime, Cornflower, Lilac, Gold, Silver, Black)
  • Product Specs:

  • Designed and made in Denmark
  • Made with 100% wind energy
  • BPA-free and phthalate-free
  • Each piece measures .75″ x .5″ (20mm x 12mm)