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ButterStix Aquarelle & Pen 8pk

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Introducing the ButterStix Aquarelle & Pen 8pk, an exciting addition to the renowned ButterStix® line! These hexagon-shaped art tools provide a pastel-like experience, making art creation a breeze for all ages. Glide smoothly across various non-porous surfaces, and when applied to paper, watch your doodles transform into vibrant watercolor art using the included Aqua Brush Pen. No dust, no smears, and definitely no mess!

ButterStix are designed to be non-toxic and safe for kids, ensuring worry-free creative sessions. Whether used wet or dry, these art tools promise a clean canvas every time. When used dry, a simple wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes to erase and start anew. Elevate your kids artistic journey with the ButterStix Aquarelle & Pen 8pk – where creativity meets simplicity.

  • Always test the erasability of ButterStix when applying to any non-Jaq Jaq Bird® surface.