Erasable Doodle Book – Gnomes

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Introducing the Erasable Doodle Book – Gnomes! Immerse yourself in a world where mystical creatures meet the awe-inspiring natural wonders of our planet.

Discover magic within the pages of the Erasable Doodle Book. This captivating series encourages children to explore, imagine, and learn about the wonders of nature in an interactive and creative way.

Each Timeless Wonder erasable book comes with a complementary educational e-guide, providing fascinating insights into the natural marvels and mythical beings featured in the book. The blank pages are an open canvas for young minds to express their creativity and absorb knowledge simultaneously.

Equipped with a set of four ButterStix®, our erasable books make it easy for children aged 3 years and up to wipe away their creations with a damp cloth and start anew. The reusable nature of these books fosters a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to learning and play.

Join us on a journey to rediscover the world in nature together. The Erasable Doodle Book – Gnomes is not just a book; it's a gateway to a realm where imagination meets education, creating an enriching experience for curious minds.

Checkout the Gnome e-guide!

Product Specs: 

  • Fun, mess-free coloring
  • For kids 3+ Years Old
  • Educational electronic Guide included
  • Compact, flexible & lightweight
  • Erasable & reusable, reducing waste
  • Simply wipe clean with damp cloth
  • Set of 4 non-toxic ButterStix® included
  • 8″ x 8″ when folded