Miracle-Gro Bloom Booster Flower Food – 1LB


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Formulated for beautiful blooms, Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Bloom Booster Flower Food 15-30-15 promotes more blooms for greater color (vs. unfed plants). It instantly starts to feed all types of annual and perennial flowers. Use this water soluble flower fertilizer with the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder, or any watering can. For best results, feed every 7-14 days when plants are actively growing. Will not burn (when used as directed).

Two great methods for feeding your garden…
With the Miracle-Gro® Garden Feeder: One feeder refill packet in the Miracle-Gro® Garden Feeder will cover 500 sq. ft. in approximately 12 minutes.
With a Watering Can: Mix 1 tablespoon of Miracle-Gro® for every gallon of water.

Mix 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water.

Size: 1 lb.