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New for 2022! Our signature blend, with the perfect color and texture to complement any landscape. A mix of pine, spruce and natural softwoods, our signature blend is then double ground for a fine texture that is easy to spread. Enhanced with a food-based color for the perfect brown that will make the yard pop! Please note, our Mahoney’s Signature Brown Mulch has replaced our Aged Hemlock from prior years. The color and texture is very similar. Aged hemlock is still available by the bag.

In addition to a clean presentation, mulch has many benefits like retaining soil moisture, moderating soil temperatures and discouraging weed growth. However, did you know that not all mulches are created equal? Our mulch undergoes an earth-friendly pigmentation process that won’t wash out after the first rain. Contrary to the national brands, our mulch can actually be called “bark” mulch, as it is sourced locally from real tree bark and not recycled wood, (i.e. wood scraps, wood pallets, and wood reclaimed from construction and demolition waste) which can potentially carry unwanted toxins and chemicals to your yard. You’ll also find our mulches are double-ground, meaning they are chopped to a finer texture. This makes for a natural presentation that is easy to spread and work with in the yard.

For driveway delivery only, no bulk materials can be left in the street. Our delivery team reserves the right to determine if the site is suitable for delivery.

1-Yard Covers:
-324 square feet at 1 inch deep
-162 square feet at 2 inches deep
-100 square feet at 3 inches deep
-81 square feet at 4 inches deep
-54 square feet at 6 inches deep
-40 square feet at 8 inches deep
-27 square feet at 12 inches deep

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