Lyric Wild Bird Mix – 5LB

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Discover the perfect blend of nutrition and economy with Lyric Wild Bird Mix – a 5LB bag designed to cater to your feathered visitors without breaking the bank. With over 20% sunflower seeds, this seed mix is a nutritional powerhouse that will leave your backyard birds chirping with delight.

Say goodbye to fillers and hello to an economical, filler-free seed mix that attracts a diverse range of birds. Whether you're welcoming doves, finches, sparrows, or more, Lyric Wild Bird Mix ensures your outdoor space becomes a haven for various feathered friends.

Ground-feeding birds are in for a treat! This mix is specially crafted to entice ground-dwelling species, adding a new dimension to your birdwatching experience. Watch as doves, finches, sparrows, and more flock to enjoy the abundance of nutritional goodness.

Versatility is key, and Lyric Wild Bird Mix is compatible with a range of feeder types. In addition to hopper feeders, it's great in tray with cover feeders, tray without cover feeders, tube feeders, and even window feeders. No matter your preferred feeding method, this mix ensures a seamless and enjoyable bird-feeding experience.

Product Specs:
Size: 5lb bag
Feeder types: hopper feeder, tray w/cover, tray w/out cover, tube feeder, window feeder
birds: ground feeding birds like doves, finches, sparrows

Elevate your birdwatching game with Lyric Wild Bird Mix – the 5LB bag that brings value and variety to your backyard. Order now and witness the beauty of nature unfold right outside your window!