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Lilac – Mount Baker – #5 Container


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Meet Lilac Mount Baker, a true marvel in the world of early blooming lilacs. Prepare to be amazed by its pure white blooms, which burst forth in abundance at a young age, bringing joy to any landscape. Unlike some other varieties that may take ages to bloom or produce sparse flowers, Mount Baker blooms early and generously, adorning the yard with 6″ stem-ending cones of small, single white flowers in early May.

But Mount Baker's appeal doesn't stop there. Its tight, dense, full form and deep green foliage make it a striking presence even when not in bloom, adding beauty to any border planting or large foundation area.

Plant Mount Baker in full to half day sun and moist, well-drained soil for outstanding growth and bloom that you can rely on year after year. Hardy in Zones 4-8 and reaching heights of 12-15 feet, this lilac variety promises to be a cherished addition to your garden.

Experience the magic of Lilac Mount Baker and enjoy its dependable beauty and fragrance for years to come. Order now and transform your landscape into a fragrant paradise.

Each plant comes in a #5 (5 gallon) growers pot.

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Plant Specs:

Botanical Name: Syringa X Hyacinthiflora Mount Baker
Light: full sun
Watering: keep soil evenly moist, no standing water
Soil: no preference
Zone: 3 – 8

Plant Shape: oval
Plant Type: deciduous shrub
Mature Size: height (15'), width (12')
Blooming Season: spring
Pollinator: self-pollinator

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