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Jiffy Gro-Dome – 11″x22″

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Enhance your seed germination success with the Jiffy Gro-Dome – 11″x22″. This plastic growing dome is a game-changer, designed to keep moisture in and create the ideal environment for seed germination. By maintaining optimal moisture levels in your sowing medium and the air above it, this humidity dome sets the stage for healthy and thriving seedlings.

Key Features:

– Moisture Retention: The Jiffy Gro-Dome excels at retaining moisture, a crucial factor in successful seed germination. Experience the convenience of a growing dome that ensures your sowing medium and the air around it stay consistently moist, promoting optimal conditions for seedling growth.

– Perfect Fit: Specifically crafted to fit 11″ x 22″ Jiffy plant trays, this clear plastic humidity dome offers a seamless and precise fit. Elevate your seed starting experience with a dome designed to complement your Jiffy plant trays effortlessly.

Product Specifications:

– Product Weight: 0.1 lbs
– Package Dimensions: 22″x11″x2.5″

Transform your seed starting process with the Jiffy Gro-Dome – 11″x22″. Order now to enjoy the benefits of enhanced moisture control and create the perfect environment for your seeds to germinate and flourish. Elevate your gardening success with this essential accessory!