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Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse Kit – 36 Peat Pellets

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Embark on a successful seed starting journey with the Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse Kit – 36 Peat Pellets, a comprehensive solution for nurturing up to 36 plants. This Biodegradable Peat Pellet Seed Starting Greenhouse is designed for simplicity and efficiency, making it ideal for starting your plants indoors. As a bonus, give your seedlings a strong start with a sample of SUPERthrive, a kelp-based vitamin for plants.

Key Features:

– Abundant Plant Starting: With thirty-six (36) biodegradable peat pellets included in this kit, you can kickstart a variety of plants with ease. Experience the joy of a thriving indoor garden from the very beginning.

– Biodegradable Excellence: The 36mm diameter peat pellets feature netting derived from cornstarch, ensuring they biodegrade in your garden. Align your gardening practices with environmental consciousness while providing optimal conditions for seed germination.

– Easy to Use: Utilizing Jiffy peat pellet greenhouses is a breeze. Simply add warm water and let the pellets absorb and expand, creating the perfect environment for your seeds to sprout and thrive.

Included in the Kit:

– Thirty-six (36) Biodegradable Peat Pellets (36mm Diameter)
– Watertight Base Plastic Tray
– Clear Greenhouse Humidity Dome
– Bonus SUPERthrive Plant Vitamin Sample
– Plant Markers

Note: *Seeds are not included

Enhance your seed starting success with the Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse Kit – 36 Peat Pellets. Order now and enjoy a user-friendly and efficient solution for starting your plants. Elevate your gardening journey and watch your indoor garden flourish!