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Jiffy-Strips – 2.5″ Square – 32 Peat Cells

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Elevate your seed starting game with Jiffy-Strips – 2.5″ Square – 32 Peat Cells, a convenient and eco-friendly solution for nurturing your garden from the ground up. This pack of 4 strips, each containing 8 seed starting pots, offers a total of 32 planting slots, providing ample space for your favorite flowers and vegetables to thrive.

Key Features:

– No-Mess Convenience: Experience the convenience of Jiffy Biodegradable Peat Strips – a hassle-free and clean way to start your flower and vegetable seeds, as well as cuttings. Simplify your seed starting process with this user-friendly solution.

– Biodegradable Brilliance: These peat strips are 100% biodegradable, ensuring an environmentally friendly approach to gardening. Crafted from Canadian sphagnum peat moss and wood pulp, they create a rich and high-quality growing environment for your plants.

– Easy Transplantation: The peat strips are designed to be easy to tear apart when moistened, allowing you to transplant each seedling individually. Enjoy the flexibility and precision in your gardening journey.

Product Specifications:

– Pack of 4 strips
– Each strip contains 8 seed starting pots
– Total of 32 planting slots

Revolutionize your gardening experience with Jiffy-Strips – 2.5″ Square – 32 Peat Cells. Order now to enjoy a clean, efficient, and eco-conscious solution for successful seed starting. Watch your garden flourish with the ease and convenience of Jiffy Biodegradable Peat Strips!