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Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse Kit – 72 Cells

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Embark on a journey of abundant seed starting with the Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse Kit – 72 Cells. This comprehensive kit is your gateway to starting a large number of seeds indoors, providing flexibility with any sowing medium of your choice. Experience the convenience of efficient seed germination with this user-friendly greenhouse kit.

Key Features:

– Generous Capacity: The Jiffy 72-Cell Seed Starting Greenhouse is designed for starting a large number of seeds indoors. With seventy-two (72) cells, this greenhouse kit provides ample space to nurture a diverse array of plants from the very beginning.

– Customizable Sowing Mix: Simply add your preferred sowing mix (not included), add water, and sow seeds according to packet instructions (seeds not included). Enjoy the freedom to tailor your gardening experience to suit the unique needs of your plants.

– Clear Humidity Dome: Cover your seeds with the included clear humidity dome to retain moisture, fostering an environment that encourages quicker seed germination. Once your seeds have germinated and begun sprouting, remove the dome for continued growth.

Included in the Kit:

– Seventy-two (72) Celled Tray with Drainage Holes
– Humidity Dome
– Bonus SUPERthrive Sample
– Plant Markers


– Greenhouse Dimensions: 21″ x 11″ x 3″

Enhance your gardening success with the Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse Kit – 72 Cells. Order now to enjoy a comprehensive kit that includes everything you need for efficient seed starting. Unlock the potential of your seeds and watch your garden thrive!