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Ferry Morse Undershelf LED Grow Light

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Illuminate your seed starting journey with the Ferry Morse Undershelf LED Grow Light, the perfect solution for starting seeds indoors, even in limited space. This undershelf grow light offers versatility, allowing you to hang it or adhere it beneath a shelf or cabinet effortlessly. Say goodbye to space constraints and welcome the convenience of efficient seed starting.

Key Features:

– Versatile Hanging Options: The Undershelf LED Grow Light provides multiple ways to hang it. Whether you prefer the stainless steel wire hanging system or the double-sided hook and loop squares for adhering to the underside of a cabinet or shelf, this grow light adapts to your space and preferences.

– Timer and Light Intensity Control: Take control of your seed starting environment with the included timer. The timer features 3 time intervals, and 4 light intensity settings. Customize the lighting conditions for your seeds to ensure optimal growth and development.

– Compact Dimensions: With dimensions of 15 3/4″ L x 6″ W x 3/4″ H, this grow light is designed to fit seamlessly into your indoor gardening setup, providing ample light without occupying precious space.

– Long Lifespan: Enjoy the benefits of long-lasting illumination. The LED Light boasts an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours, ensuring durability and reliability for extended periods of seed starting.

Transform your indoor gardening experience with the Ferry Morse Undershelf LED Grow Light. Order now and discover the convenience of starting seeds in limited space. Elevate your gardening success and provide your seeds with the light they need for healthy and vigorous growth!