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Brighton | 13
Chelmsford | 8
Concord | 6
Falmouth | 24
Osterville | 30
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Winchester | 24
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Controls over 130 listed insects from your yard
Non-staining, water-based formula
Use on vegetables, roses, lawns and other outdoor plants and surfaces
Kills on contact
Controls ants, aphids, beetles, ticks, thrips, and many more listed insects
Ready-To-Use Quart, Spray Bottle

Additional Product Information

INSECT KILLER – Our product controls over 130 insects/pests including species of ant, cockroach, cricket, spider, flea, tick, mite, moth, earwig, beetle, water bug, & more.
VARIETY OF USES – This bug defense is great for use on vegetables, roses, lawns, flowers, shrubs, trees, & other outdoor plants & surfaces. Eight Garden & Home is not listed for indoor use.
KILLS ON CONTACT – Pests must come in contact with Eight Garden & Home in order to be affected. We recommend holding the sprayer about 1 foot from the plant & spray just enough to cover the area that is to be treated.
WATER-BASED FORMULA – Eight Garden & Home uses a water-based formula that won't produce an off-putting odor. This product will not stain most home siding.
READY TO USE – This product is conveniently ready to use when it arrives. Simply pump and spray using the attached spray wand.