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EEZY GRO Self-Watering Hanging Basket 12″ – Black

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Introducing EEZY GRO Self-Watering Hanging Basket in Black, the perfect solution for hassle-free gardening. These innovative hanging baskets feature an ingenious wick system that mimics nature, absorbing water from the reservoir and delivering it directly to the plant roots as needed.

Say goodbye to overwatering and underwatering woes! Plants will only absorb the amount of water they require, ensuring optimal hydration and promoting healthy growth. Your plants will thrive, even when you're away. These baskets can keep the soil moist for up to 2 weeks, allowing you to enjoy worry-free vacations.

Made in the USA with quality craftsmanship, these hanging baskets are designed to enhance your gardening experience while providing convenience and peace of mind.

Experience the ease and efficiency of EEZY GRO Self-Watering Hanging Basket and take your gardening to the next level. Enjoy lush, vibrant plants with minimal effort and maximize your gardening enjoyment.

Product Specs
Dimensions: 12″D x 6.5″H
Color: Black