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Dipladenia – Sundenia® Crimson – 10″ Trellis

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Introducing the Sundenia® Crimson Dipladenia, a botanical masterpiece that exudes elegance and vitality! With its rich red flowers and compact, shrubby growth habit, this vigorous selection brings unparalleled beauty to your outdoor spaces.

From spring through fall, this charming plant blooms continuously, adorning your beds, borders, or patio containers with its striking crimson tubular flowers, boasting red overtones and golden throats. Complemented by its deep green, glossy foliage, this Dipladenia offers a captivating contrast that enhances any landscape.

Native to the tropics, the Sundenia® Crimson Dipladenia thrives in moist environments with warm conditions year-round. While typically grown as an outdoor annual in our climate, it can be brought indoors during winter months with special care, returning to the garden the following season to delight once again.

Please note, while enchanting with its beauty, parts of this plant are toxic to humans and animals. Exercise caution when growing around children and pets.

With its adaptable nature, this Dipladenia flourishes in full to partial sun, thriving in rich, well-draining soil kept consistently moist. Embrace the allure of the Sundenia® Crimson Dipladenia and elevate your outdoor spaces with its enduring charm and vibrant blooms.

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Plant comes in a 10″ growers pot with a trellis. Item shown is an example of what you will receive, all plants are individuals and we strive to pick out the best for you.

Plant Specs:

Light: full sun – part sun
Size: 2 ft H x 2 ft W
Water Requirements: Keep soil evenly moist
Soil: rich soil

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