Blue Spruce – The Blues – #6 Container


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The Blue Spruce Tree – The Blues (Botanical Name: Picea Pungens The Blues) is a captivating evergreen tree prized for its stunning visual impact in the landscape. With its gracefully pendulous branches and fine bright blue needles, it adds a touch of elegance to any garden setting.

Ideal for full sun exposure, the Blues Colorado Blue Spruce thrives in well-draining soil and requires regular watering to maintain its vibrant blue foliage. Whether trained to grow upright or in a spreading form, this slow-growing accent tree reaches a height of about 15 feet with a spread of 8 feet at maturity.

Adorned with attractive steel blue evergreen foliage that emerges silvery blue in spring, the Blues Colorado Blue Spruce retains its ornamental needles throughout the winter, providing year-round beauty. Its rough gray bark adds an interesting dimension to the landscape, further enhancing its visual appeal.

Highly adaptable to various soil types and pH levels, this tree is tolerant of both dry and moist conditions, making it suitable for xeriscaping or moisture-conserving landscapes. Additionally, it exhibits exceptional tolerance to urban pollution, thriving even in inner city environments.

With its low canopy and slow growth rate, the Blue Spruce Tree – The Blues is suitable for planting under power lines or as a focal point in gardens of any size. Its longevity, with a lifespan of 80 years or more under ideal conditions, ensures that it will continue to beautify the landscape for generations to come.

Each plant comes in a #6 (6 gallon) growers pot. The plant shown is an example of what you will receive, all plants are individuals and we strive to pick out the best for you.

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Plant Specs:

Botanical Name: Picea Pungens The Blues
Light: full sun
Watering: regular watering
Soil: well draining soil
Zone: 2 – 8

Plant Shape: spreading
Plant Type: evergreen tree
Mature Size: height (15'), width (8')
Blooming Season: n/a

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