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Birdies Medium Raised Garden Bed – 15″ Short – Mist Green

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Introducing the Birdies Medium Raised Garden Bed – 15″ Short in Mist Green, setting the gold standard for elevated gardening. Crafted from high-performance aluzinc steel, this metal garden bed is built to endure, promising 20+ years of bountiful harvests. Elevate your gardening experience with improved drainage, soil health, pest protection, and season extension.

Perfect for urban and suburban gardeners, the Medium Raised Garden Bed with a 15″ height is not only space-efficient but also kid-friendly, inspiring the next generation of garden enthusiasts. Embrace the joy of gardening with easy assembly, thanks to the new square-foot, modular design that simplifies garden planning.


Key Features:


1. Durable Aluzinc Steel: 7x more corrosion and rust-resistant than regular galvanized steel, our 24-gauge cold-rolled aluzinc galvanized steel ensures longevity while remaining ultra-strong and lightweight.

2. Customizable Design: Configure your garden bed into one of six dimensions (4×3, 4×4, 5×4, 6×2, 6×3, 7×2) to suit your space. The square-foot dimensions make garden planning a breeze.

3. Food-Safe Materials: Rest easy knowing your soil is 100% safe for food production. Aluzinc steel, USDA-approved paint, and stainless steel hardware ensure the health of your plants and your family.

4. Reinforced Bracing Kit: The new bracing kit provides additional support for Medium and Large beds, keeping them upright and stable through the seasons.

5. Exclusive Epic Gardening Design: Support the original creators with our exclusive design, a testament to quality and innovation in gardening.

6. Sustainable Production: Proudly made in Australia using green energy, ethical labor, and steel offcut recycling. Embrace sustainability while enjoying the benefits of a premium garden bed.


Product Specifications:


Color: Mist Green
Volume (ft³): 15.0 – 25.0; (yd³): 0.6 – 0.9; (gallons): 112.2 – 187
Kit includes: 4 corner panels, 2 straight sheet panels (14″), 4 straight sheet panels (26″), 52 Nuts & Bolts, 1 Bracing Kit, 1 Vinyl safety edging, 1 Hand wrench, Instruction manual.

Elevate your gardening game with the Birdies Medium Raised Garden Bed – 15″ Short in Mist Green. Experience durability, functionality, and sustainability in one elevated package.