American Hornbeam – Native Flame – #10

American Hornbeam – Native Flame – #10 Container

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Introducing the American Hornbeam – Native Flame (Botanical Name: Carpinus Caroliniana Native Flame). This versatile native tree is a beacon of beauty, offering a splendid blend of grace and vibrant colors. With its adaptability to various environments and its captivating red fall foliage, Native Flame stands out as a top choice for any landscape.

Thriving in full sun to part shade, Native Flame is a low-maintenance tree that appreciates regular watering and well-draining soil. It boasts an oval shape, reaching a mature height of 30 feet with a width of 20 feet. Its spring blooms add a touch of elegance to any garden, creating a picturesque scene as the season unfolds.

American Hornbeam – Native Flame is not just your ordinary American Hornbeam. It has been carefully selected for its upright growth and form, ensuring a well-defined silhouette that enhances the landscape. However, what truly sets Native Flame apart is its breathtaking fall transformation. As the autumn season arrives, this remarkable tree ignites with fiery red foliage, painting the surroundings with a burst of color.

This cultivar development represents a marriage of tradition and innovation. Combining the native charm of the American Hornbeam with the vibrant hues of a modern cultivar, Native Flame offers the best of both worlds. Whether used as a focal point in a garden or as part of a naturalistic setting, this tree never fails to captivate with its beauty and versatility.

With Native Flame, you can enjoy the timeless elegance of a native species infused with the brilliance of contemporary breeding. Experience the magic of fall as your landscape comes alive with the radiant colors of Native Flame. Embrace the beauty of nature with this exceptional tree, a true gem in any garden.

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Plant Specs:

Botanical Name: Carpinus Caroliniana Native Flame
Light: full sun – part shade
Watering: regular watering
Soil: well draining soil
Zone: 5 – 8

Plant Shape: oval
Plant Type: tree
Mature Size: height (30'), width (20')
Blooming Season: spring
Pollinator?: self

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