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Yard Butler Roto Auger – 1.25″

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The Yard Butler Roto Earth Auger revolutionizes your gardening tasks, making them easier and more efficient than ever before. This versatile tool attaches to any cordless drill 3/8 inch or larger, allowing you to dig holes effortlessly up to 16 inches deep and 1 ¼ inches wide.

Key Features:
– Effortless Digging: With the ease of a power tool, the Yard Butler Roto Earth Auger digs holes up to 16 inches deep and 1 ¼ inches wide, saving you time and energy on various gardening tasks.
– Versatile Applications: This auger is perfect for planting bulbs, bedding plants, and seedlings; installing PVC sprinkler lines under sidewalks; applying insecticides and termite treatments; deep watering, aerating, and fertilizing trees and shrubs; and weeding, providing unparalleled versatility for all your gardening needs.
– Durable Construction: Crafted from solid steel, the Roto Earth Auger is built to last, ensuring durability and reliability through countless gardening projects.
– Easy Attachment: Simply attach the auger to any cordless drill 3/8 inch or larger, and you're ready to start digging, providing hassle-free operation and compatibility with most standard drills.
– Time-Saving: By streamlining your gardening tasks, this auger helps you save time and effort, allowing you to accomplish more in less time, so you can enjoy your garden to the fullest.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Yard Butler Roto Auger for all your gardening needs. Its durable construction, versatile applications, and effortless operation make it an essential tool for any gardening enthusiast.

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