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VELCRO® ONE-WRAP Garden Ties for Trees – 18ft

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Elevate your gardening experience with VELCRO® ONE-WRAP Garden Ties for Trees – 18ft. Designed to simplify garden staking without the hassle of knots or twists, these innovative ties from VELCRO® Brand redefine plant support.

Crafted for convenience, simply cut to your desired length and wrap the VELCRO® Brand Garden Tie around itself for a secure hold around your plants, posts, stakes, or trellises. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your plants are supported with a reliable, adjustable, and gentle solution that won't cause damage.

Environmentally conscious gardeners will appreciate that our VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties are now made with 65% post-consumer recycled materials, reducing environmental impact while enhancing your garden's sustainability.

Key Features:
– No knots, twists, or tying required
– Reusable and adjustable for convenience
– Gentle on plants, preventing damage
– Made with 65% post-consumer recycled materials
– Size: 18 ft x 2 in
– Color: Green

Experience the ease and efficiency of VELCRO® ONE-WRAP Garden Ties for Trees. Revolutionize your gardening routine today with this versatile and eco-friendly plant support solution.