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SuperMoss Moss Pole – 24″

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Chelmsford | 22
Concord | 24
Winchester | 30
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Elevate your plant's growth with the SuperMoss Moss Pole, a naturally absorbent support system inspired by the lush forests of nature. Mimicking the environment where many forest plants flourish, this moss-covered pole provides an ideal habitat for climbing and upright plants by encouraging aerial roots to take hold. With the SuperMoss Pole, you can recreate the thriving growth seen in nature right in your own home or garden.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this versatile pole is a great addition to any plant lover's collection. It comes with metal pins for effortless attachment of branches and foliage, ensuring secure support for your plants as they grow. Available in four different sizes and also offered in Blond Sphagnum, the SuperMoss Pole offers flexibility to suit your specific plant needs. Whether you're filling vases or supporting plant stakes, this natural support pole is the perfect solution for enhancing your plant's growth and creating a verdant oasis in any environment.

– Great for vase fillers or plant stakes
– Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
– Naturally absorbent support pole
– Available in a variety of sizes
– Includes metal pins for easy attachment of branches and foliage
– Experience the next best thing to growing plants in a forest