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Crafted from big chunks of sweet, sun-ripened strawberries, Stonewall Kitchen's Strawberry Jam 12.5oz embodies the essence of summer. Elevate your PB&J sandwiches with its delectable flavor or drizzle it over ice cream, pound cake, or scones for a delightful treat. Whether you mix it into your morning hot cereal or keep a jar in your pantry for baking endeavors, this strawberry preserve extends the splendid strawberry season. Elevate your breakfast, yogurt, or dessert with this delicious Stonewall Kitchen's Strawberry Jam 12.5oz – a perfect topping for your favorite treats.

Product Specs:

Ingredients: Strawberries, Pure Cane Sugar, Fruit Pectin, Lemon Juice, Citric Acid
Gluten Status: Non-Gluten Ingredients
Genetically Modified: No
Weight: 12.5 oz.